Btsync is a next generation file sharing app to sync data across your machines and devices.

Btsync take a different approach to sharing files across your devices. Unlike cloud sharing apps like Dropbox or Owncloud, Btsync does not depend on a central server to sync your data.

Please do not forget to browse through the app.readme files in the root directory of the container to understand how the app have been setup. On starting the container the GUI will be available on the containerIP:8888.

If you are deploying the container on a cloud instance with a public IP forward port 8080 of the public IP to the containerIP:8888, and you can access the Syncthing GUI on your browser on your publicIP:8888

We have a post up to help users deploy Syncthing and Btsync here. Visit our Get Started and News section for configuration and optimization guides on containers and applications

Container OS

Debian Wheezy 64 Bit

App Version

Btsync 1.4.106


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