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Micro containers
Flockport micro containers are super lightweight containers based on Alpine Linux. They are tiny compared to containers based on Debian or Ubuntu.

For instance the Nginx container based on Debian Wheezy is 72MB compressed and around 320MB uncompressed. Comparatively the Nginx container based on Alpine Linux is a mere 4.3MB compressed and 18MB uncompressed.

The WordPress container based on Debian Wheezy is around 170MB compressed and 620MB uncompressed. The WordPress micro container based on Alpine Linux is 23MB compressed and 145MB uncompressed.

This is experimental and we will evaluate the response from users before offering more micro containers.

Alpine Linux is a lightweight, network oriented and security focused distribution. We will shortly provide a basic guide to Alpine Linux in the News section.

Visit our Get Started and News section for configuration and optimization guides on containers and applications.

Container OS

Alpine Linux 3.1.0 ( x64_86)

App Version

Nginx 1.6.2


App Version

Wordpress 4.1 - PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, Nginx 1.6.2


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