Flockport launches ready to deploy containers of popular apps based on LXC

Flockport containers will let users deploy popular web applications in seconds

Mumbai, August 19th, 2014 — Mumbai based startup Flockport today announced the launch of Flockport.com, the first Linux container (LXC) sharing website that will offer users popular web applications in portable containers that can be deployed in seconds.

Flockport containers give users cloud like flexibility of application instances that can be deployed on demand. Flockport.com will let users and developers download and share LXC containers.

Flockport will also provide a Flockport Utility that will set up LXC for users (currently Debian only) and let users view and download Flockport containers directly to their systems.

Linux containers is a fast maturing technology that provides all the benefits of virtualization but without the performance penalty.

Containers are portable and can be cloned, backed up, launched and deployed across environments, opening a world of flexibility and scalability for application users, developers and enterprises

Commenting on the launch, Flockport founder Indrajit Banerjee said, "We are extremely excited about the launch of Flockport.com. Linux containers are a flexible and highly efficient platform for distributing and deploying web applications. Flockport wants to make containers accessible to a much wider audience and articulate and provide a broader use of containers as lightweight, portable and extremely fast alternative to virtualization"

Linux containers unlike preceding container technology is natively supported in the Linux kernel, paving the way for widespread adoption. There is a significant information gap on LXC in the marketplace that Flockport will address.

Flockport.com is a free service. Flockport will shortly let users deploy Flockport containers directly to the cloud, and help public cloud providers broaden their market base by letting customers deploy complex applications in seconds.

About Flockport
Flockport.com is a hub to download and share LXC containers. Flockport provides web stacks and applications in preconfigured containers that can be deployed in any LXC environment in a simple, predictable and easy way. Flockport is a start up based in Mumbai founded by Indrajit Banerjee. Indrajit has over 14 years experience in enterprise software marketing and has previously headed the India marketing operations of Savvion, Progress Software and Redhat.

About LXC
LXC is a fast maturing container technology supported by Ubuntu. Linux containers are isolated operating environments that run within your host Linux OS, similar to virtual machines but without the performance overhead. Containers are lightweight an portable and can be moved across systems easily. The LXC project provides easy to use tools for container life cycle management.

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